Our Team


Shanna Daly  
Assistant Professor

Dr. Shanna Daly is an Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering in the College of Engineering. She has a B.E. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Dayton and Ph.D. degrees in Engineering Education and Chemistry from Purdue University. Her research focuses on design innovations through divergent and convergent thinking as well as through deep needs and community assessments using design ethnography. Specifically, her work includes investigations of concept generation and development practices of novices through practitioners, intersections of diverse disciplines and experiences of individuals and teams that yield innovative thinking, the role of creativity in engineering and how to foster it, exploring problem spaces to identify real needs and innovation opportunities, and developing flexibility to design both radically and incrementally.

Graduate Researchers

Michael Deininger
Graduate Student Research Assistant

My primary research interest focuses on the use of prototypes during the medical device design process. I’m exploring methodologies to use prototypes as tools to communicate ideas, elicit user requirements and engineering specifications, avoid perceived solutions, explore ways to evaluate design without bias and ways to improve stakeholder involvement. Other research interests include the impact of prototypes on learning and problem solving, design education and pedagogies that increase students’ implementation of the design process. I conduct some of my research in the US and Ghana.

Jin Woo Lee
Graduate Student Research Assistant

My research interests include developing methods to aid in the design process, particularly in the early stages of concept generation and selection. I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Binghamton University.



Robert Loweth
Graduate Student Research Assistant

I am a doctoral student in Mechanical Engineering with an interest in engineering design. My research focuses on the needs assessment and concept generation stages of the design process, as well as the role of prototypes in communicating ideas. I have also spent an extensive period of time living in China and hope that in the future I might apply my knowledge of East Asia towards my investigation of design processes.


Erika Mosyjowski
Graduate Student Research Assistant

I am a doctoral student in Higher Education, with a particular interest in engineering education research. Specifically, my research interests include: professional identity development and career decision making, research skill development, practices and experiences that foster innovation, the role of peers related to students’ happiness, success, and decision making, and supporting the recruitment, persistence, and success of diverse students within engineering.


Kimberly E. Reppa   
NSF Graduate Research Fellow

Kimberly E. Reppa is a PhD Student and NSF Graduate Research Fellow in Design Science and Engineering Education. She holds a B.S. in Environmental and Ecological Engineering from Purdue University and a M.S. in Civil Engineering (with a focus in Engineering Innovation) also from Purdue. During her 5-year tenure as a co-op at NASA Johnson Space Center, Kim earned two Outstanding Co-Op Awards and became the first student to earn a NASA Inclusion and Innovation Award. Kim was a 2017 Ambassador to the Global Grand Challenges Summit in Washington D.C. hosted by the National Academy of Engineering. In 2016 she was selected as a Forbes Under 30 Scholar. Kim’s research focuses on the way designers think about and account for people in design.

Ilka Rodriguez-Calero
Graduate Student Research Assistant

I am a master’s student in Design Science at the University of Michigan. My work focuses on understanding how practitioners use prototypes during early design stages. My research interests include medical device design, front-end design, creativity, and design decision-making. I’ve earned my Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez in 2016.


Undergraduate Researchers

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Ibrahim Mohedas
NSF Graduate Research Fellow, Rackham Merit Fellow

My primary research interests focus on developing medical technologies that provide early diagnosis and design methodologies that facilitate the development of low-cost medical devices. Other research interests include developing pedagogies that will increase engineering students’ appreciation of the design process and the requirements for successful utilization. I conduct some of my research in Cameroon, Ghana, and Mexico.

Jaclyn Murray
Post-Doctoral Fellow

Jackie is a former biomedical engineer and physics teacher. She is a graduate of the University of Georgia’s Ph.D. program in Science Education. Her dissertation work on how spatial and creative skill and conceptions of engineering creativity contribute to how first-year engineering students solve an ill-structured design problem. She plans to expand upon this work and investigate domain-specific STEM spatial and creative skills across engineering disciplines and contexts. Additionally, she is interested in understanding how epistemic agency forms in students and pre-service teachers, and how instructors within STEM disciplines promote agency. Currently, she positions her work within situated perspectives—approaches that view knowledge as the product of participation within multiple communities of practice. She considers herself a pragmatist and prefers multi-method and qualitative-dominant mixed methods approaches to education research.

Anastasia Ostrowski
Graduate Student Research Assistant

I am a master’s student in biomedical engineering student with a passion for design. My current research focuses on design heuristics in biomedical engineering education and how preconceptions of the design process impact idea generation and the design space. Other research interests include how engineers interact with stakeholders in industry, start-ups, and academia and front-end design tools and education. I received my Bachelor of Engineering degree in biomedical engineering with a minor in entrepreneurship.